[Solomonov Seminar] 239. Solomonov seminar

Marko Grobelnik marko.grobelnik at ijs.si
Wed Jan 4 06:14:46 CET 2012

V cetrtek, 5. januarja 2012 ob 13:30 bo v Veliki predavalnici IJS 239. 
Solomonov seminar.
Posnetki preteklih seminarjev so na http://videolectures.net/solomon/

Jure Leskovec bo predstavil povzetek obseznega dela na raziskavah
kako se formirajo skupnosti v naravi in druzbi.


Jure Leskovec, Stanford University & IJS:

                  Networks, communities and the ground-truth

The Web, society, information, cells and brain can all be represented 
and studied as complex networks of interactions. Nodes in such networks 
tend to organize into clusters and communities, which represent the 
fundamental structures for understanding the organization of complex 
systems. Even though detection of network communities is of significant 
importance for computer science, sociology and biology, our 
understanding of the community structure of large networks remains limited.

We study a set of more than 200 large networks with the goal to 
understand and identify communities in networks. We challenge the 
conventional view of network community structure and show that it is not 
exhibited by the large real-world networks. We then present a new 
conceptual model of network community structure, which reliably captures 
the overall structure of networks and accurately identifies the 
overlapping nature of network communities.

This is joint work with Jaewon Yang.


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