[Solomonov Seminar] 172. Solomonov seminar

Marko Grobelnik marko.grobelnik at ijs.si
Mon Sep 25 01:14:52 CEST 2006

Vabim vas na 170. Solomonov seminar, ki bo, v torek 26. septembra,
ob 13:00 uri v Oranzni predavalnici IJS (sejna soba E8).

Predaval bo nas gost iz Portugalske João Pita Costa na temo
ekvivalencnih relacij.

João Pita Costa (http://joaopitacosta.googlepages.com):
    Some Operations on the Lattice of Equivalence Relations

Equivalence relations have played a fundamental role through the
History of Mathematics. These special relations are so omnipresent
in everyday life that we often forget about their proactive existence.
Though, according to some authors, still much is unknown about them.
In this talk, we will studdy independence and permutability, on the context
of a equivalence relations lattice of a given set, refering to the interpretation
of these mathematical concepts in the Information Theory point of view.
We, then, present of equivalence pairs of finite type, due to B.Jónsson,
and introduce the operation star defined within equivalences, rewrithing
M.-L. Dubreil important theorem, describing permutable equivalences. 

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