[SlovLit] Values in Literature and Arts (Brno) -- Alternativno jezikoslovje

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Tor Maj 6 14:51:46 CEST 2014

Od:  <mateja.kosi na seznam.cz>
Datum: 06. maj 2014 13:43
Zadeva: Konferenca

Citiramo: "Department of Slavonic Studies of Masaryk University, Brno,
Czech Association of Slavists, Ars Comparationis (Slavonic Section of
International Association for Word and Image Studies),
Central-European Centre of Slavonic Studies, Frank Wollman Society of
Slavonic Studies invite you to participate/take part in  10th
International Conference Values in Literature and Arts II,  2 - 4
September 2014, Brno, Czech Republic. The aim of the conference is
demonstrate different contemporary approaches to the problem of values
 and to deepen the axiological aspect of the study of literature,
arts, and culture.

Basic themes of the conference
Definition of values in arts and literature, form and content as
“vehicle” of value orientation of the literary work/work of art
Changes in the value orientation in connection with genre and style,
conflict of values, determination of “anti-values” and false values
Art as a mirror of the value orientation in certain periods, the
question of absolute and relative values
The influence of literature and arts on the value orientation of the
society in time
Values, their promotion and negation in particular literary works
Analysis of the categories “truth” and “good” seen from the viewpoint
of philosophy, religion, history, anthropology and tropology (moral,

Languages of the conference: all Slavonic and world languages
Duration of each paper: 10 -15 minutes
Conference fee: 1.200 Czech crowns
Accommodation and meals: paid by any participant himself/herself

Session proposal with the theme of your paper and the abstract in
Russian or English (maximum 200 characters) shall be sent (format:
.doc, .pdf, .rtf) by e-mail to the address jdohnal na phil.muni.cz before
April 30th 2014.  The papers (maximum 18.000 characters incl. spaces)
will be published in the conference volume. Please, send your paper
before November 01th 2014. Further information will be sent to you by
the organizers to your e-mail address in June 2014.

Prof. PhDr. Ivo Pospíšil, DrSc., vedoucí Ústavu slavistiky FF MU
Doc. PhDr. Josef Dohnal, CSc., vedoucí organizačního výboru konference"
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Od: Lingvistični krožek <lingvisticni.krozek na gmail.com>
Datum: 06. maj 2014 10:39
Zadeva: LK, 12. maj

LK FF v Ljubljani vabi na 1039. sestanek v ponedeljek, 12. maja, ob
18.00 v predavalnici 325 v 3. nadstropju Filozofske fakultete.
Predavala bo red. prof. dr. Ada Vidovič Muha, Oddelek za slovenistiko
FF. Tema predavanja: Alternativno slovensko jezikoslovje prve polovice
20. stoletja. Vabljeni tudi študentje. -- Chikako Shigemori Bučar

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