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Subject: Vabimo Vas na mednarodno konferenco MultiMeDialectTrans 2005

Vsem slovlitovcem, 

prijavo smo podaljsali do 31. marca 2005. Lepo pozdravljeni 
Dr. Herta Maurer-Lausegger (organizacijski odbor MultimeDialectTrans)

MultiMeDialectTrans 2005 
International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia
University of Helsinki, Kouvola, 25 - 27 August 2005 


Conference Profile

Held at the University of Helsinki/Kouvola (Department of Translation
Studies), MultiMeDialectTrans 2005, an international conference on the
translation of dialects in multimedia will be taking place from 25 to 27
August 2005. This conference will be organized by the Department of
Translation Studies at the University of Helsinki in Kouvola, Finland,
aided by an international organizing committee. This invitation is
directed at academics from various disciplines as well as translators
and students who are interested in the translation of dialects in
multimedia contexts. The conference will concentrate on a complex,
interdisciplinary subject area involving linguistics, communication
studies, film studies and translation studies as well as other areas of
cultural studies, sociology and other disciplines. Language and
communication forms, knowledge and thoughts are all influenced by
communication media. The main topics to be covered at the conference
include dubbing films in dialect and linguistic varieties; cultural
transfer processes in the characteristics of dialects; archaisms,
regionalisms, varieties in the continuum between dialect and standard
language, also in multimedia, as well as associated transfer problems. 

Patronage: to be announced

Organizing committee of "MultiMeDialectTrans 2005 - International
Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia" Irmeli Helin
(Conference Chair), University of Helsinki, Finland Herta
Maurer-Lausegger, Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Gionvanni Nadiani, University of Bologna, Italy Koloman Brenner,
E*tv*s-Lor*nd University Budapest, Hungary Klaus Geyer, Vilnius
Pedagogical University, Lithunia  

University of Helsinki, Department of Translation Studies, PO Box 94,
Paraatikentt* 7, FI-45101 Kouvola, Finland

Plenary speakers: to be announced

Length of individual papers: 20 minutes plus 10 minutes' discussion 
Papers can be given in English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Russian. A
simultaneous interpretation service will be provided by students from
the Department of Translation Studies during the conference.

Abstract: length of abstract of individual papers: 200-300 words (in one
of the above mentioned languages). Please include any requests for
audiovisual equipment.

Abstract deadline:  31 March 2005 

Notification of acceptance of papers by the organizing committee: 
30 April 2005 

Participation fee: €40
Participation fee for students: €5 (no registration required) 

Excursion: if there is enough interest, an excursion to Helsinki is
planned for 27 August 2004. The cost of taking part in the excursion
will be announced at a later date. 

Publication: a scientific committee of referees will compile a selection
of the papers given for publication.

Deadline for submitting the printed version: 1 October 2005. 

Information: irmeli.helin na helsinki.fi 
Phone: +358 5 8252202 
Fax +358 5 8252251
Email for registration: MultiMeDialectTrans na kouvola.helsinki.fi  
(after 1 December 2004) 

Postal Address: 
Prof. Dr. Irmeli Helin 
MultiMeDialectTrans 2005 
University of Helsinki
Department of Translation Studies
PO Box 94
FI-45101 Kouvola

Further information: http://www.kouvola.helsinki.fi 

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