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"The Ancient and Contemporary Slovenes in Political, Demographic,
Historical and Religious Relation to Russians".
»Starodavni in danashnji Slovenci v politichnem, narodopisnem, zgodovinskem
in verskem odnosu do Rusov«.

Moscow, April 14, 2004

Dear Sir / Madam!

For specialists in Slavonic history, slavistika, specialists for Slovenia
and Russia, Slavic linguists, historians of South-East Slavs, all
interested in Slav and Slovene history, we offer our new book - a reprint
from 1841, written by a prominent XIX.-century Russian author Yuri VENELIN
about Slovenes. The book is virtually unknown to broader scientific
community apparently also because it was published as a 2nd volume of book
about Bulgarians, the book which importance for self-consciousness of
Bulgarians cannot be over-estimated.

The book comes with an extensive scientific foreword by a Russian professor
Pavel Tulayev and a supplement with A Short History of Slovenia by Andrey
Lenarchich. It has 384 pages. It also contains an old map of Slovenian
lands, published in the original work.

The international price with postal costs now is $40. The book is in print
and will come out in a couple of weeks. The price after the publication
will be higher so order now.


With best regards,
Just Rugel, President
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