[SlovLit] Spletna osvežila in še ena anketa

Miran Hladnik miran.hladnik na guest.arnes.si
Čet Nov 20 10:20:53 CET 2003

Spletna osvežila so doletela bibliografijo prevodov slovenskega leposlovja v
angleščino (www.ijs.si/lit/slov_lit.html-l2), po zaslugi Andreje Musar pa še
zbirko literarnih diplomskih nalog na slovenistiki
(www.ff.uni-lj.si/hp/dnsk/), zbirko kmečkih in zgodovinskih povesti
(www.ff.uni-lj.si/slovjez/mh/kmpov/ in www.ff.uni-lj.si/slovjez/mh/zgrom/);
vse dosegljivo tudi z začetne literarne strani
www.ijs.si/lit/literat.html-l2 (el dva v končnici!). lp miran


Od: Douglas Brown [Douglas.Brown na newcastle.ac.uk]
Poslano: 19. november 2003 16:51
Za: miran.hladnik na guest.arnes.si
Zadeva: Slovene communication questionnaires

Dear Miran,

            Hello agian.  You may have forgotten but i sent an email about
two weeks ago regarding research into Slovene communication.
Anyway id like to thank you for as a result of your posting of my letter on
a discussion group i've had a surprising response.

I'd be grateful if you could reply by answering this very, very short
questionnaire.  If you could also post it on the discussion group or forward
it to as many Slovenes as possible id be very grateful.  Any completed email
questionnaires should be returned to this email address,
douglas.brown na ncl.ac.uk

 Thanks again for all your help.



Home Country:

 Please answer each question with a number.  The key to the numbers are as

1 = Strongly Agree
2 = Agree
3 = Unsure
4 = Disagree
5 = Strongly Disagree


1. Seniors and leaders should always be treated with deference so as to
maintain a principle of hierarchy:

2. Seniors and leaders should always be addressed by a formal title:

3. It is important to have freedom to adapt your own approach to a job:

4. A person should help his/her boss to paint their house:

5. I socialise with my professional superiors when I am outside of the

6. I socialise with those below me in my profession when I am outside of
the workplace:

7. I will always address people I meet by their first name once I know
what it is:

8. When I do not understand the person talking to me I will always tell

9. When a person is upset at work, they should express their feelings

10. If I am angry with who I am talking to I will tell them:

11. Negotiations in business should be conducted as quickly as possible:

12. Establishing rapport is considered an important first step for business:

13. Time schedule should seldom be changed and the initial plan is

14. I will introduce an idea or conclusion into the conversation before
explaining it:

15. I will explain or introduce an idea into conversation before a

16. It is always important that conversation is more informative than

17. In business it is important to move slowly and think about things
before making conclusions:

18. People should look after their own interests ahead of their immediate

19. I do not like it when non-Slovenes try and speak our language:

And finally;

20. Please could you give a brief description of any problems you come
across when Speaking (in English) to any native English speakers.  What do
you think of them from your experience of communicating with them?  Be
honest! :

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