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Miran Hladnik miran.hladnik na guest.arnes.si
Čet Nov 6 19:18:11 CET 2003

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From: "Douglas Brown" <Douglas.Brown na newcastle.ac.uk>
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Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 1:21 PM
Subject: Slovene Communication Research

> Hello,
>        I am a postgraduate student at the English University of
> Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I am studying an MA in Cross-Cultural
> Communication.  At the moment I am conducting a research project
> entitled;
>     "How are core cultural values and beliefs manifested in communicative
>      behaviours of the individual in Slovenia?"
>     The reason i have chosen Slovenia for this research, is that i have
> visited there three times now in the past two years and really enjoyed
> my time there.
>      However, although i have researched the history and culture of your
> country through literature, i have little information on Slovene
> communication and behaviour.  I am hoping to learn about Slovene
> communication practices, both verbal and non-verbal, such as
> conversation stategies, negotiation styles, facial expression, topic
> management etc.
>     I am very grateful for any information you have to offer or any
> contacts (telephone/email) you could supply me with.
>     Thankyou for your help and i look forward to your reply.
>     Yours sincerely
>                      Douglas Brown.

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