[SlovLit] Malo tega, se vec onega

Miran Hladnik miran.hladnik na guest.arnes.si
Sre Mar 20 06:50:40 CET 2002

From: "Nicole Kuplenik" <nicole.kuplenik na guest.arnes.si>
To: "slovlit" <slovlit na ijs.si>
Subject: Malo tega, se vec onega
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 19:48:40 +0100

Po Miranovem zgledu najprej stvarno kazalo [Miranova opomba: Naslednjič,
Nicole, pošlji prosim v plain- in ne v html-formatu, pa bo šlo pod tvojim
imenom v Slovlit.]

1. ena doktorska v Leipzigu
2. seminar jezika serbskega ino kulture

Lep pozdrav
Nicole Kuplenik

1. Ena doktorska

> Subject: One phD position open in Leipzig
> /.../ there is still one phD position open in Leipzig. Applications should
be sent as soon as possible to the address
> below. More information under:
> http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~gksprach
> *************************************************
> Graduiertenkolleg "Universaltit=E4t und Diversit=E4t:
> Sprachliche
> Strukturen und Prozesse"
> Advertising:Free Positions
> The Graduate Research Program "Universality and Diversity: Linguistic
> Structures and Processes" funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
(German Research Foundation)
> and by the federal state of Saxony is accepting applications for doctoral
> The length of the scholarship is two years, with the possibility of an
> extension for a third year.  The program focuses on aspects of
> theoretical linguistics (language specific or typological),
> psycholinguistics, and of neuropsychology of language.  Applications
> should include the usual documents and two references. Please send
applications to:
>  zybatow na rz.uni-leipzig.de
>  Prof. Dr. Gerhild Zybatow
>  Universitaet Leipzig
>  Graduiertenkolleg
>  Institut fuer Slavistik
>  Bruehl 34--50
>  D-04109 Leipzig

2. Dear friends and noble linguists,

Allow me to inform you about the project "The School of Serbian Language
and Culture" in Valjevo. It is scheduled in August 2002. For some more
information, please check out the address


For extra details please write to us e-mails or usual letters.

We expect you to apply, but we also hope that you will spread the news
about us among your friends and colleges who may also be interested.
Thank you in advance.

With best wishes :)

Skola Srpskog Jezika i Kulture

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