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The South East European Educational Cooperation Network (SEE ECN) is an international information platform for educational projects in and with South East Europe.

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*	2001 September 01st - October 31st (Kosovska Mitrovica)
Hope For The Future - Multiethnic Peace Art Project On The Bridge Of Mitrovice/A 

*	2001 September 13th - 16th (Strasbourg, France)
NGO Training on the Council of Europe's Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities 

*	2001 September 14th - 16th (Budapest, Hungary)
New paths in Social and Health provision in Central and Eastern Europe 

*	2001 September 16th - 18th (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
South-Eastern Europe and EU Enlargement 

*	2001 September 20th - 22nd (Gjirokastër, Albania)
Womens work an inter-Balkan workshop

*	2001 September 20th - 23rd (Bled, Slovenia)
The 10th conference of the ENIRDEM on Leading schools for learning 

*	2001 September 20th - 23rd (Timisoara , Romania)
second edition of the Regional NGO Fair 

*	2001 September 20th - 28th (Graz, Austria)
Summer University: "Europe South-East: Cultural and religious diversity: Major burden or unique asset?" 

*	2001 September 21st - 23rd (location to be announced)
Interdisciplinary Seminar "Traditions of Liberty in the Balkans" 

*	2001 September 25th - October 1st (Sijarinjska Banja, Serbia)
Multiethnic Youth Parliament 

*	2001 October 1st - 5th (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
ETC-IUC Seminar in Dubrovnik"Implementation of Human Rights in South East Europe" 

*	2001 October 1st - 7th (Moldova)
ISHA-seminar "The Youth Involvment In The European Heritage Protection" 

*	2001 October 1st - 11th (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Summer School "Human Rights School For Future Decision Makers" 

*	2001 October 4th - 6th (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Seminar: Xenophobia and Post Socialism

*	2001 October 4th - 6th (Maribor, Slovenia)
International Conference: "Science for Peace and Development"

*	2001 October 05th - 10th (Bulgaria)
Balkan Parliament Meeting in Bulgaria 

*	2001 October 08th - 12th (Tutzing, Germany)
"Remembering wars - coming to term with wars" Cultural forms of dealing with the experience of war in southeast-european societies 

*	2001 October 13th - 14th (Skopje, Macedonia)
State Policies Toward The Roma In Macedonia 

*	2001 October 18th - 20th (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Communications: Keys to Development 

*	2001 October 25th - 29th (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
International Student Conference Against the Landmines 

*	2001 October 26th - 27th (Konstanz, Germany and Romanshorm, Switzerland)
Conference - Promoting Nonviolence and Protecting Human Rights: The Role of Civilian Third Party Initiatives in Conflict Areas 

*	2001 November 03rd - 06th (the University of Wales Gregynog)
A conference on archaeology and heritage in the Balkans and Anatolia 

*	2001 November 03rd - 08th (Sofia, Bulgaria)
International youth seminar "Youth identity in modernity"
Application is due to September 20th. 

*	2001 November 04th - 07th (Belgrade, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)
Twelfth Annual Conference: Transforming Higher Education and Civil Society 

*	2001 November 15th - 16th (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Eleventh International Scientific Conference "Tempt 2001 Transport Of The 21St Century" 

*	2001 November 20th - November 27th (Novi Sad, FR Yugoslavia)
Promotion of Tolerant Inter-Ethnic Relations between Youth of different ethnic origins from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and FR Yugoslavia based on respect of human and minority rights 

*	2001 November 21st - December 02nd (Budapest, Hungary)
Participation and Citizenship - Training Course on Empowerment of Minority Youth in Europe : Evaluation-Seminar 

*	2002 January 20th - 27th (Andalo, Trento - Italy)
South-Eastern Europe: Internal Dynamics And External Intervention 

*	2002 February 01st - 03rd (Budapest, Hungary)
Conference of Labour History and Anthropology 

*	2002 February 08th - 09th
4th Annual Kokkalis Graduate Student Workshop on Southeastern and East-Central Europe
Deadline for submission is November 2, 2001 

*	2002 May 20th - 25th (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Gender And Nation, Tradition And Transition 

*	2002 May 23rd - 25th (Berlin, Germany)
The Presence of the Past Transformation and Dealing with the Past in Eastern and Central Europe 

*	2002 June 04th - 09th (Forle, Italy)
Special Convention: Nationalism Identities and Regional Cooperation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities 

*	2002 June 29th - July 02nd (Tampere, Finland)
"Crossroads In Cultural Studies" Fourth International Conference 

*	2002 June - September
HESP Summer Schools Program
Program must be submitted to HESP by 28 September 2001 

*	2002 July 22nd - July 27th (Aberystwyth, Wales)
International Society for the Study of European Ideas (VIII. International Conference)
Deadline: December 1 2001 

*	2003 August 15nd - 21st (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
The 13th International Congress of Slavicists
The deadline for submitting proposals for papers is October 1, 2001

South East European Educational Co-operation  Network

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