[Solomonov Seminar] 278. Solomonov seminar

Marko Grobelnik marko.grobelnik at ijs.si
Sun Jan 15 20:02:07 CET 2017

V sredo 18. januarja 2017 ob 12:00 bo v predavalnici Mednarodne 
podiplomske sole IJS (https://www.mps.si/) 278. Solomonov seminar. 
Predavalnica je v drugem nadstropju za glavno stavbo IJS na Jamovi 39. 
Posnetki preteklih seminarjev so na http://videolectures.net/solomon/

Resampling Approaches for Handling Imbalanced Regression Tasks

Luis Torgo (http://www.dcc.fc.up.pt/~ltorgo/)

Imbalanced classification tasks have been studied by the research 
community for a long time. Numerous problems have been identified with 
standard approaches and new proposals have been put forward for 
addressing these relevant tasks. Surprisingly, the same attention has 
not been given to predictive tasks with a numeric target variable, i.e. 
regression. However, similar problems occur on these domains, when the 
target of the end-user is the performance on a subset of rare values of 
the target variable. As in classification standard evaluation metrics 
fail, and new approaches are required to bias the learning algorithms to 
the end-user goals. In this talk we will present resampling approaches 
to these problems. These methods have as main advantage the possibility 
of being used together with any existing regression tool and still focus 
on the goals of the end-user, i.e. values poorly represented in the 
training data.

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