[SlovLit] SSS Letter -- Society for Slovene Studies -- Peter Boštjančič

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Čet Nov 5 09:45:57 CET 2020

https://slov.si/doc/sssletter86.pdf -- Society for Slovene Studies
Letter nov. 2020.


Od: Kristina Reardon <kristina.reardon na gmail.com>
Date: V tor., 3. nov. 2020 ob 02:02
Subject: Invitation to Society for Slovene Studies Meeting on Friday, November 6

Dear members of the Society for Slovene Studies, You are cordially
invited to attend the annual business meeting of the Society for
Slovene Studies this coming Friday, November 6, beginning at 6:30pm
Eastern time over Zoom (5:30pm Central, 4:30pm Mountain, 3:30pm
Pacific time). [...]  If you would like to propose any agenda items
under New Business, please direct those to me as the Society's
secretary (Kristina.Reardon na gmail.com) or the Society's president at
mbiggins na uw.edu . If you choose to attend, we request but do not
require an RSVP to Kristina.Reardon na gmail.com.  We hope to see you
this Friday!

Kristina Reardon
Secretary, Society for Slovene Studies

Annual Business Meeting Agenda (preliminary) Friday, November 6, 2020,
6:30-8:30pm Eastern Time. Connect online via Zoom at
https://washington.zoom.us/j/95168208562 , password: sss2020
1. Welcome and introductions
2. President’s Report (Michael Biggins)
3. Secretary’s Report (Kristina Reardon)
4. Treasurer’s Report (Timothy Pogačar)
5. Journal Editor’s Report (Timothy Pogačar)
6. Program Coordinator’s Report (Veronica Aplenc)
7. OSU Slovene Research Initiative Report (Eileen Kunkler)
8. Old Business
i.) Induction of new honorary lifetime members
ii.) Migration of the journal to electronic format
iii.) Recruiting
iv.) Social media presence
v.) Directory of Society members
9. New Business
i.) Lenček and Velikonja award winners for 2020
ii.) Follow-up on initiatives charted in our July 2020
Executive Council meeting with officers of ASEF
10. Calls for Volunteers
i.) Newsletter editor(s) and assistants
ii.) Local arrangements for 2021, 2022, 2023
conventions (New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia)
11. Questions, discussion and brainstorming


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsC4m15R3J8 -- igralec Peter
Boštjančič, prejemnik Borštnikovega prstana 2020, o študiju
primerjalne književnosti.

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