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Subject: Society for Slovene Studies website updates

The Society's website has had the following updates:
1) An announcement of financial support for doctoral study in Slovenia

2) A review by Brian Poz^un of the book
Mojmir Mrak, Matija Rojec and Carlos Silva-Jauregui, eds. Slovenia: From
Yugoslavia to the  European Union. Washington, DC: The International
Bank for Reconstruction and  Development/The World Bank, 2004. 446 pp.,
$28.00 (paper). ISBN: 0-8213-5718-2.

3) A link from our main page to
Matija Ogrin & Tomaz^ Erjavec's "Elektronske znanstvenokritic^ne izdaje
slovenskega  slovstva" http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/~ljubljan/sss.html

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Subject: Lawrencian Chronicle 2004

Dear colleagues, 

Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Edith Clowes, with technical assistance
from Pam Lerow, the  2004 Lawrencian Chronicle is now ready for press.
You can look at the issue in PDF format:
Please note that the file is about 1.2MB, so don't click if you are
using a telephone  connection. 

Best regards, 

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Subject: [bibliokomunikacija] Nov spletni naslov revije Knjiznica


Ce koga zanima, sporocam, da ima elektronska izdaja revije Knjižnica nov
spletni naslov in nekoliko izboljšan iskalnik:
Uredništvo revije vabi vse k sodelovanju z novimi prispevki za naslednjo
Lep, danes ze zelo soncen, pozdrav,


Http://www.library.northwestern.edu/shakespeare -- novi elektronski


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