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New Media Literacies: Theory, Practice and Activism.

This is a CFP for a book collection of original essays that will 
appear in a series of books published by Reconstructions 

The reader will be organized around several orienting 
questions/research: Exploration/contestation of key terms/concepts. 

Changing requirements of active literacy in the 21st century. What 
does it mean to be media literate? Why is media literacy important? 
What is the impact of new media technologies? What are the 

potentials of new media? What are the problems/dangers associated with=20=

new media technologies?   We are particularly interested in essays 
that integrate practice and activism with theory.

Please feel free to explore and experiment=97both in form and in 
content.  The deadline for submission is July 1, 2003.

To submit an essay, send 2 paper copies and one disk copy to:

Michael Benton
English Department
University of Kentucky
1215 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506

Proposal queries should be addressed to:
mdbent3 na uky.edu

International submissions can be submitted electronically to the same=20=

address=97please contact for more information.

Possible topics:

Changing requirements of =93literacy=94
Defining/complicating ambiguous =93terms=94 or =93concepts=94
Culture/Community in New Media environments
Collective Memory/Individual Interpretation
=93Living Museum=94 (Mikhail Epstein/Ellen Berry)
The Archive in the 21st century
Independent Media
Performative Interventions
Design Theories
Role of the Internet
Situationist Tactics
Classroom Experiments
Public Art
Community Activism
Need for K-12 Critical Media Education
Information vs Knowledge
Data Overload
Global Media
Future of New Media Theory
Postliterary Poetics
Political Use of New Media
Citizen vs Consumer
Media Literacy for Active Democratic Citizens
Transformation of Reading/Writing
Ethnographic Studies
Moments/Events =96 Sites/Locations
Critical Theory of the Informational Society
Online Communities
People=92s Histories on the Net
New Media Transformations of Present/Past Media
Corporate Control of Media Technology
New Theories of Design
Radical Software
Small Worlds, Complexity, or Chaos Theories
Social Movements and Media
Mapping (spatial, cognitive, informational)
Representations of Space/Place
Alternative Histories
Collaborative Creativity
New Media Aesthetics
Open Source Movement
Posthuman Theory
New Media Music Theory
Online Activism
Public Sphere(s)
Global Media and Democracy
Education and New Media
Digital Divide(s)

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