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Na vas se obračam s prošnjo, da študetom in ostalim zainteresiranim
posredujete obvestilo o srednjeevropski poletni šoli generativne slovnice,
ki bo julija v Nišu. Letos so organizatorji poskrbeli za zastonjsko
nastanitev, pa tudi Niš ni tako daleč, zato je to za Slovence še toliko bolj

Hvala za uslugo in lep pozdrav
Nicole Kuplenik


The 8th Central European Summer School in Generative Linguistics (CESSGL)

         Nis 01
         23 July - 03 August


Announcing the 8th free summerschool: as every year: we are organising a
summerschool in Generative Grammar in Central/Eastern Europe, which has both
excellent researchers as teachers and is entirely free (no enrollement
fees). This summer, the accomodation (hostel) is even free for everybody.

Additionally, there are grants available to cover the travel costs of
Eastern European students.

To register, simply fill in the form at:


The deadline for registration is the 15th May.

The school will be held in Nis (Yugoslavia), during two weeks (23 July to 3
August), and is separated into two parallel teaching tracks:

* one introduction track for people with little background in
   (generative) linguistics
 * one medium/advanced track for people who already know the basics and
   want to get into research topics.

The school offers two weeks of intensive intellectual work in syntax,
semantics and phonology (this summer has a strong morpho-phonological
component), with the following teacher lineup:

<Haike Jacobs, Jonathan Kaye, Tobias Scheer, Olga Tomic, Michal Starke,
Klaus Abels, Arhonto Terzi, Ellie Boyadzeva, Luisa Marti, Orin Percus>

Finally, an important aspect of this school is that it tries hard to
keep a balance between intellectual life and fun, providing not only
hard-working classes, but also hard-partying parties.

People who register will be automatically subscribed to a discussion list
about the school, where all further information will be sent. This allows
you to keep up with the latest development in the region (e.g. security
issues), with the potential changes in the programme, and to ask any
question you might have.

To learn more about the school, visit < http://egg.auf.net/ > or
contact the organisers: Tobias.Scheer na unice.fr and
 Michal.Starke na lettres.unige.ch.

Hope to see you soon!

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