[SlovLit] Grammar Check

Miran Hladnik miran.hladnik na guest.arnes.si
Sre Jan 10 19:52:44 CET 2001

From: "Tom Lozar" <lozhar na videotron.ca>
To: <slovlit na ijs.si>
Subject: Grammar Check
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:40:13 -0500

Me, in English again, oprostite. I am getting conflicting information from
MSN Slovenija, MSN Canada, and Alki in Seattle about whether there is or is
not a "Grammar Check" component for the Slovenian version of Office, 97 or
2000.  Alki  tells me that Word 97 has a Slovenian spelling checker, but my
problems in Slovenian need a lot more than that.  Alki says that neither 97
nor 2000 has a grammar checker.  MSN Slovenija says that there IS a grammar
checker for 2000.  MSN Canada also says there is.  When I go back to Alki,
they tell me that  all my info from MSN is wrong.  Vem, da vi profesorji
tega ne potrebujete, mi samouki pa se kako.  Could someone give me a
definitive answer?  Is there or is there not a grammar checker somewhere for
Slovenian.  I would even settle for one for "Slovene."  Hvala, oprostite, da
Vam pisem v barbarscini.

Tom Lozar

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