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Morda bo koga zanimalo tole, za kar me je kolega Starke 
prosil, naj posredujem 

Dear Marko Snoj, 

we kindly ask you to help us disseminate the information about
our 7th free Eastern Generative Grammar school. The relevant 
information is in the annoucement below, and the most complete and 
up-to-date information about the school will always be found at:  

Thank you for your help!
Michal Starke

starke na uni2a.unige.ch

                          7th Central European
                  Summer School in Generative Grammar

                          Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria
                         31 July - 11 August 2000

This is the summer school previously held in Olomouc-Debrecen-Plovdiv. As 
always it is entirely free, with very inexpensive lodging, it has very high level
teachers discussing the results of the latest research, offers two weeks of intensive 
intellectual work, and is hosted in a small and charming city. This year we have 
a particularly enticing roster of teachers:

David Pesetsky (MIT), Orin Percus (Milano), Michal Starke (Geneva), Irina Sekerina (Rutgers), 
Stephen Neale (Rutgers), Peter Ludlow (Suny), Winfried Lechner (Tubingen), 
Jeffrey King (UCDavis), Katarina Hartman (UFrankfurt), Gienek Cyran (Lublin), 
Michael Brody (UCL/Budapest), Daniel Buring (UCSantaCruz), Cedric Boeckx (UConn), 
Klaus Abels (UConn)

The school will be separated into two distinct tracks: 
* an intro-track, with 11 topical introductions (covering syntax, semantics, 
phonology, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics, see class listing at the end),
* an advanced-track with 12 seminars + daily intensive discussion-sessions (see 
class listing at the end)).

Up-to-date info, forms for applications, news, etc. will always be at:

(If you need more info, you can contact: starke na uni2a.unige.ch)

Here are some keypoints:

-> Blagoevgrad is a small and charming university-town in Bulgaria, easily reachable,
just 1h south of Sofia.

-> There is a sizeable amount of grants available to cover travel and hotel charges
of people from Central/Eastern Europe.

-> Hotel costs is low: 3,60$/night.

-> the registration deadline is: 15 May 2000, with the registration form at:

-> the school has a tradition of great fun on top of intensive intellectual life. And
we intend to maintain that this year ;-)

Acknowledgements: The egg school is organised by the Blue Twin Society + GLEE, and it is 
most greatful to the American University of Blagoevgrad (AUBG) and other sponsors for 
their financial support.

Classes in the Intro Track:

 David Pesetsky (MIT)
                                Introduction to Minimalism, its precursors and alternatives
 Michal Starke (Geneva)
                                The Basics of Generative Syntax
 Winfried Lechner (Tubingen)
                                Introduction to Binding Theory
 Katarina Hartman (UFrankfurt)
                                Introduction to the Syntax of Coordination
 Cedric Boeckx (UConn)
                                Introduction to Case (and the EPP)
 Klaus Abels (UConn)
                                Introduction to Locality
 Daniel Buring (UCSantaCruz)
                                The Basics of Formal Semantics
 Peter Ludlow (Suny) +
 Stephen Neale (Rutgers) +
 Jeff King (UCDavis)
                                Introduction to Philosophy of Language and Linguistics
 Orin Percus (Milano)
                                Introduction to Logical Form: the motivation for variables
 Gienek Cyran (Lublin)
                                Introduction to the Structure and Content of Syllables
 Irina Sekerina (Rutgers)
                                Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Classes in the Advanced Track:

 David Pesetsky (MIT)
                               Case, Tense and the Typology of Clauses
 Michal Starke (Geneva)
                               Morphology, the Lexicon and Other Embarassing Appendices
 Winfried Lechner (Tubingen)
                               Syntactic Phrase Structure Paradoxes
 Katarina Hartman (UFrankfurt)
 + Daniel Buring (UCSantaCruz)
 Michael Brody (UCL/Budapest)
                               Developments in Elegant Syntax
 Cedric Boeckx (UConn)
                               Movement and theta-positions
 Jeffrey King (UCDavis)
                               The Syntax and Semantics of Day Designators
 Peter Ludlow (Suny)
                               Directional Entailingness and NPIs
 Stephen Neale (Rutgers)
                               Quantifiers and Necessity
 Orin Percus (Milano)
                               Locality conditions on variable binding
 Gienek Cyran (Lublin)
                               Syllable Markedness and Typology
 Irina Sekerina (Rutgers)
                               Experimental Methods

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